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About Us

SPEC is a marketing, inventory sales and after-sales service company for our manufacturer, Headquartered  in the energy capital of the world- Houston, USA. 
All of our products are for global Oil & Gas industry, especially for American markets,which meet or exceed API standard and the International Standards Organization (ISO). 

SPEC's product lines mainly as follows:

  Drilling Products 
  Annular & ram BOP, Ram Assemblies, BOP Control Units,
  Mud pump & expendables,
  Choke & Kill Manifolds, Drilling Spools, DSA, Hammer Unions
  Down-hole Tools,Tubular Handling Tools
  Drill Collars, Drill Pipes, Casing and Tubing, etc.

  Production Products
  Pumping Units, 300 sets /year
  Wellhead & X’s mass Tree
  Casing Heads, Casing Spools, Tubing Heads, Crosses, Flanges,
  Valves: Slab Gate Valves, Expending Gate Valves,Choke Valves,etc.

  Frac Service Products
  Ceramic proppant , 150,000MT /year
  Frac valves, Goat heads, Spools, Adapter Flanges, Plug Valves, Pup Joints

  Oilfield Pumps
  Water Injection pump, Crude Oil Transfer Pump, Well Service Pumps, Frac Pumps, etc

All of our products are from our manufacturer directly with high quality to meet our customers'need at competitive prices which benefits our clients for great saving.


About Us
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